My name is Andrey.
I’m a freelance frontend developer based in Siberia.

I create crossbrowser responsive HTML page layouts and make it live using JavaScript.

My toolset includes Pug (Jade), Scss, JavaScript (ES6), NodeJS, Gulp, Webpack, Git, Photoshop and Sketch.

I can help you with converting website design to HTML templates, with developing frontend for your project and with optimizing existing code.

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All the things: responsive, adaptive, mobile-first, desktop-first, gracefull degradation and progressive enchantment.
By default support IE10+, Edge, and modern version of Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari. I can make for IE8+ if you really need it.
Best technologies
HTML5, CSS3, ES6, pre-processors and post-processors, gulp, git, BEM-like naming and code organization. All for fast development and ease support.
I have real devices (Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and phone). If it's not enough I have browserstack.com
All that depends on me must works fast. Css-sprites, svg symbols, responsive images, efficient code, optimization and minification. Clean markup reach 90+ on Google Tests.
Backend ready
I have some backend programming experience and think as a backend programmer will think when working with my code.

Also HTML5 semantic, pixel perfect, SEO-ready, schema.org markup.

Кота Кофе

Layouts for coffee online store.

All flexbox power for pixel perfect markup from excellent design templates.

Fully responsive (svg logo is responsive too), optimized for high-dpi screens. Parallax scrolling and animations include.

Flue constructor

Interactive flue constructor based on knockout.js.

PDS generates on client-side, then pass to server with ajax call.

Click on frame to play video.

Lucky Child

Non-responsive pixel-perfect layouts for children's clothing online store.

Flexbox, svg, IE10+ and modern browsers support.

Also I created templates for separate light-weight mobile version.

Roulette game for Lucky Child

My client wanted more so we created roulette game for customers.
Nobody loses, all will win.

Click to see how it works.


Official video portal for Siberian Health International company.

Responsive layouts, frontend, backend, integration with various API, content access system with user roles and levels, multilanguage user interface.

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